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    'Dominican Republic: Affordable Paradise All Year Round

    Dominican Republic: Affordable paradise all year round When one needs the rest and relaxation that a vacation provides, a trip to the Dominican Republic offers an affordable solution. Tourists can visit this beautiful tropical haven for a rejuvenating taste of paradise without having to spend a fortune. In comparison with trips to remote locations in the Far East and Europe, this Caribbean destination offers US-based vacationers more value for their dollar and much less time spent in transit.

    The Dominican Republic, a Spanish-speaking country, is situated in the waters of the North Atlantic and Caribbean Seas. Occupying the eastern section of the island of Hispaniola, the country is a popular destination for those seeking the benefits of a reasonably-priced Caribbean holiday. Here, visitors can discover the natural joys of an island paradise, including palm-fringed sandy beaches, stunning flora and fauna and a relaxed pace of life - all at a fraction of the cost of many neighboring islands.

    This beautiful Caribbean island is one of the top travel destinations.

    The dollar buys more in the Dominican Republic because labor costs are low, and in turn, this creates tough competition between hotels and resorts in an effort to attract tourists. Dominican Republic resorts are scattered across the island, from all-inclusive resorts located in the Puerto Plata areas of Punta Cana and Playa Dorada to those located along the family-friendly beaches of Boca Chica, where calm waters and white sands attract year-round visitors. The coastline of the Dominican Republic stretches over a thousand miles, so it is not difficult for people to find a beach that suits their tastes.

    When evaluating different Caribbean destinations as a vacation spot, one should remember to factor in the lower costs of lodging and tourism in the Dominican Republic. Though airline tickets may seem competitive in price, traveling during the off-season delivers additional savings. The quiet travel period that takes place just after Christmas is an ideal time to find good deals on flights and hotel stays. Inclement weather is not a factor, as the Dominican Republic is a pleasant year-round destination with a tropical maritime climate. The period of time between June and October can occasionally be stormy, but scheduling a visit to the Dominican Republic during this time can also result in a low-price vacation.

    A strong Latin flavor permeates the culture of this island playground, with its distinctive merengue music and spicy cuisine. Because the Dominican Republic has a vibrant nightlife to keep party goers busy, visitors are able to dance at jazz, merengue and bachata festivals, which are all popular fixtures on the musical calendar. In between relaxing on the beach or by the pool, tourists have the opportunity to learn more about the Republic's many attractions. Nature lovers will be in awe of the National Parks, which are packed with stunning wildlife, rainforests and mountainous landscapes.

    The salt water lake of Lago Enriquillo is home to iguanas, flamingos and crocodiles, all of which are viewable in their natural habitat. History buffs can learn about the island's rich past and hear tales of explorers, cannibals and pirates in Museo de las Casa Realas (Museum of the Royal Houses), found in the vibrant capital of Santo Domingo. For fans of water sports, Playa del Macao is a beach with big waves that keep surfers happy and out-to-sea ship wrecks that make for great scuba diving expeditions. A vacation in the Dominican Republic is definitely worth further investigation if one is seeking paradise on a close-to-home and budget-friendly island.



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    Eric Baker United Kingdom

    Monday, November 05, 2012 10:16 AM

    Eric Baker

    We spent a family vacation in the DR last year and still have so many good memories...can`t wait to get back!

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