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With no doubt the best marine park in the Dominican Republic, this themed park has been an inmense success among local and foreign tourists of the island since its creation, attracting both adults and children to its awesome dolphin and seal shows.

Ocean World is a must visit when you travel to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic if you really want to have a great time with nature at its best. Besides the park you will find a Marina for boating lovers, a wonderful marine-themed Casino, Restaurant and the already famous Light House Disco. Located in Cofresi Beach and easy to find, this new landmark in the North Coast of the island will bring out the child in you.


Cofresi beach marine park

Ocean World is undoubtedly the most exciting water park in the country, located on Cofresi Beach, Puerto Plata, it offers visitors a full day of activities where you can interact not only with marine animals such as dolphins, seals and sharks but also has enormous aviaries that put you in direct contact with exotic birds like parrots, toucans and parrots. The activities of the park are: the show of seals, dolphins show, bird show, feeding the birds, swim with the fishes, swimming pool and artificial beach, they already come with the right of admission, others as swim with dolphins and feed sharks have an additional cost. No doubt an unforgettable experience for all who visit. ocean world marine park kids

Ocean World is not a standard marine park where guests simply observe the animal life. It is however a park that emphasizes the interaction between guests and marine animals through interactive programs. There are only a handful of such facilities in the world and none as all-encompassing as Ocean World.

After passing through some impressive arches, signs and a waterfall (there are an amazing total of 22 such waterfalls throughout the park), most guests are met by representatives at the Welcome Center. This large, colorful building houses a huge retail facility that specializes in marine related souvenirs. The Photo shop is also located here which enables guests to purchase photographic prints or videos of their most memorable experience of the day.

To quench any hunger or thirst, a full service restaurant, snack bar and beverage bar is also located in this area. The park has exhibits too numerous to mention but they all compliment the six main attractions at Ocean World; the sea lions, the swim reef, the dolphins, the shark & rays, the rainforest & bird aviary and the tiger pool & show.

Ocean World is one of the most attractive parks in the Dominican Republic. It is a water park in the attractive living marine animals. A place full of interesting activities blue to spend a magical time in contact with marine life. The theme park Ocean World is located on the shores of the province of Puerto Plata, north coast of the Dominican Republic, especially in Playa Cofresi. The main attraction at Ocean World are the dolphins, which you can enjoy swimming with them. Here also is the first dolphin bottle-nosed species born in the Dominican Republic.

Ocean World offers several activities to choose from and enjoy an unforgettable adventure. Activities and adventures at Ocean World will include: swimming with dolphins where participants are guided by professionals and learn about these marine carious friends. It also highlights the activities of diving, an activity that can be done in corals, where you can appreciate a beautiful and colorful underwater world rich in species. At Ocean World offers a magnificent spectacle of lions and tigers and exotic birds.

Ocean World allows visitors to enjoy a unique experience to see and explore the marine world, making available these wonderful and modern facilities. On the site you can also enjoy restaurant-cafeteria, gift shop, photo services, among others. An excellent place in which to spend a beautiful day, you will need to bring your camera (and send photos ...), sunscreen and a lot of energy, its price is U.S. $ 55 for adults, if you want more information you can visit
Mel Tour or
contact the park by clicking the banner at the bottom of this page.

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