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Puerto Plata Houses and Villas

Golden Treasures Real Estate is a real estate company in the Dominican Republic that also specializes in property management, maintenance and consulting. Every house we sell is delivered in pristine condition, cleaning and painting if needed, and in some cases adding a pool or air conditioners as part of the deal.

We deliver all the properties we sell in shiny condition, offering complimentary high pressure cleaning, also repainting of swimming pool and gazebos in some special cases. Call us for more information on new listings in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Some of the best aerial views showing houses for sale in Puerto Plata, are seen from La Puntilla in a chopper flight.

Click on the listing of your choice for more information, we have a wide selection of luxury homes, beach and ocean front villas, condos and other home & vacation properties in the North Coast City of Puerto Plata, in the  Dominican Republic.


highland house in Puerto Plata, a small mansion by any standard.
Boasting an exquisite architectural design and expansive grounds, this 4+ bedroom , 4 bathroom house is set centermost on a large 3,224 m2 ( 34,703 sq. ft. ) high land that provides relaxing vistas. US$659,000.00

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house for sale in torre alta, Puerto Plata

Beautiful house with custom design
This property for sale in Torre Alta boasts finely designed staircases leading up to the second level and rooftop terrace with splendid ocean views. With 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, library room, living room, dining area, front garden area and a private studio of two levels that includes an utility room in the first floor.

Price: US$329,000.00
Puerto Plata


Dominican Republic house in Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic House For Sale
Elegant house for sale with views of the ocean and mountains in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. With 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, dining area, imported ceramic floors with parquet floor design, Jacuzzi in master bath and fountain type luxury sink.

Price: US$306,000.00
Puerto Plata

cost effective house with classic details in Puerto Plata

Cost Effective House
A cost effective home built with neoclassic details, this fabulous 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom unit features Corinthian columns and Roman crown moldings in all the ceilings including the carport outside.

Price: US$108,000.00
Puerto Plata

house in nice residential of puerto plata spc0828

Puerto Plata House in Prime Location
This elegant looking house is located in a nice residential community of Puerto Plata. It offers 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, living room, dining room, carport, small front garden area. The front entrance has a porch with a semi circle roof supported by four columns in late Doric style.

Price: US$147,600.00
Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic house in Puerto Plata

Beautiful House in Puerto Plata

Elegant home for sale in Puerto Plata with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, studio, large kitchen, mahogany wood, imported ceramic floors, swimming pool, walk-in closets, Jacuzzis, patio, intercom, water heater, laundry area, gazebo with full cooking range, pizza oven, bar area, open air Jacuzzi, carport, water pond below entrance, garden area.


Price: US$395,000.00
Puerto Plata



Dominican Republic luxury hilltop house

Hilltop Luxury Dominican Republic House
European style villa in the hills just 5 minutes from the main highway in Puerto Plata, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, 2 Jacuzzis, maid's quarters, 3 balconies, a gazebo on top, Veranda next to the kitchen, 3 car garage, studio room, excellent views.

Price: US$950,000.00
A must-see hilltop villa.
Puerto Plata


dominican republic house for sale 355k

Dominican Republic House For Sale
Comfortable 2-level ocean view home in an exclusive location in Puerto Plata has a great architectural design and condition, with 3+bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, living room, foyer, dining room, double covered garage with power doors.

Price: US$355,000.00
Puerto Plata


classic house with brick facade in Puerto Plata, large dwelling with 5 suites and 4 bathrooms
One of various classic style, brick facade homes in Puerto Plata, this elegant 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom unit is a 2 level property with gorgeous Doric white pillars flanking it on all sides. Inside, crown moldings flare out top edges in the ceilings. For Sale at US$235,000.00

Dominican Republic house 156k

Dominican Republic House For Sale

Affordable house for sale in Puerto Plata has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining area, front porch, patio, laundry area, carport, intercom, powered carport door, mahogany wood works in cabinets and all doors, moldings and wrought iron fences

Price: US$156,500.00.
Puerto Plata

Home for sale in Puerto Plata
 with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large patio, living room, dining area, ample kitchen, carport and garden area.  This house is located in a quiet neighborhood near Playa Dorada. The kitchen has a lot of space, same with the garden areas.

Price: US$199,500.00
Puerto Plata


Dominican Republic House 170k

Dominican Republic House For Sale
is located in one of the best residential areas of Puerto Plata, featuring three bedrooms, two full and one half bathrooms, kitchen, family room, living room, dining area, patio, terrace, and iron bars security with alarm embedded into the construction.

Price: US$140,000.00
Puerto Plata

low cost home for sale in puerto plata

Very affordable home for sale
 in Puerto Plata, set in a quiet residential area near the center of town, close to Jardines del Atlantico and Bayardo and near Luis Ginebra Avenue. The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen

Price: SOLD.
Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata House Sale
This 4-bedroom, 3 bathroom townhouse style residence in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic has a very good location near a main highway in town, in a small residential of only 6 houses.  the house has an ample living room, wide kitchen, carport, 4 well appointed bedrooms on top and an extra side patio with thatched roof, terrace type.

Price: US$146,000.00
Puerto Plata


Dominican Republic House 349k

Dominican Republic House for Sale
This beautiful house is located in a quiet gated community of Puerto Plata, with newly paved streets and beautiful surroundings. It features 3 living rooms in 2 levels, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms ( 2 ensuite ), patio, balcony, kitchen, air conditioning, alarm system, intercom and power door.

Price: US$349,000.00
Puerto Plata


Dominican Republic home for sale 279k

House for sale in Puerto Plata
is located in a private area just 5 minutes from Playa Dorada, and about 15 minutes from the POP airport. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining area, and beautiful mahogany wood work in the cabinets, doors and frames.

Price: US$279,000.00
Puerto Plata

Ocean View House
This house for sale in the Dominican republic city of Puerto Plata is really close to the ocean, with nice views from the first and second level. It features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, second floor balcony, living room, dining area, kitchen, patio, garden area and garage.

Price: US$164,000.00
Puerto Plata


Dominican Republic House 221k

Dominican Republic House for sale
 is located in a quiet residential with ocean views near the Isabel De Torres peak, close to everything. It features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a terrace on the roof top with inspiring views, an alarm system, beautiful swimming pool and car port.

Price: US$SOLD.
Puerto Plata


Dominican Republic Houses 113k

Dominican Republic House in Puerto Plata

This house is of brand new construction, featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and dining area, kitchen, patio, ocean view and mountain view. It is located in a high plane of Torre Alta, Puerto Plata.

Price: US$SOLD.
Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic House For Sale

Luxury House in Bayardo, Puerto Plata
Spacious 3-bedroom, 2-level house for sale in Bayardo, Puerto Plata. With 3 bathrooms, balcony, patio, service room, marble floors, crown moldings and mahogany wood work in cabinets and doors.

Price: US$495,000.00
Puerto Plata


Dominican Republic Puerto Plata houses

Dominican Republic House For Sale

Beautiful home for sale in Puerto Plata has 4 1/2 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, maid quarters, carport, laundry area, 2 ensuite baths, patio, garden areas and great ocean views. Built on a 384 sqm lot with 224 sqm living space.

Price: US$256,000.00
Puerto Plata


puerto plata home for sale 355k

Beautiful House with Mountain and
and Ocean Views in
Puerto Plata
 with 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, Jacuzzi,
ceiling moldings, chandelier, mountain view
with 300-degree balcony view in second floor,
window blinds, mahogany wood, garage,
Breathtaking Ocean and mountain views.

Price: US$355,000.00 with Furniture. Seller has the home in pristine condition.
Puerto Plata

houses for sale in Puerto Plata

House For Sale, Puerto Plata
 This affordable home for sale in Puerto Plata has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, pine wood work, glass windows, carport, patio and ocean views from the second level.

Price: SOLD.
Puerto Plata

house for sale in Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic House in Puerto Plata
New home for sale in Puerto Plata has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, stylish kitchen with high end appliances, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, mahogany wood work, carport, water heater, bathtub, wide living spaces.

Price: US$370,000.00
Puerto Plata


house for sale Puerto plata

 Dominican Republic House for Sale

 with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, roof terrace and hut type gazebo, built in 2006 with a lot size of 145 sqm and living space of 102 sqm.  Located in a high point of Puerto Plata, good condition and pricing.

Price: US$121,000.00
Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic houses 307k

Dominican Republic house for sale
 in Puerto Plata has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, maid quarters, car port, ample living room, dining room and lounge. The house has a next door lot with a gazebo, giving way to a very large garden. The second floor has a lounge with glass windows, and all the bedrooms.

Price: US$307,000.00
Puerto Plata


Home for sale in Puerto Plata

Beautiful Home with Ocean View
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Gorgeous 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom house with
living room, studio, bathroom in every room,
marble floors, oak wood, French windows,
garage with power door, gazebo in 3rd floor
with bathroom, hydro massage cabin.

Price: US$325,000.00
This is a brand-new home.
Puerto Plata


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