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Elevated pools
Are those that are on the ground, it is the cheapest option and easy installation. Most above ground pools come in prefabricated kits that even a novice can make.

Dug swimming pools:
Excavated pools are built on the ground and construction work required for installation. These pools can be built to allow diving or not, depending on depth. Pools excavated materials in the field:

Fiberglass Pools
These are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, the glass has been molded in advance with a definite shape. To install the pool, it is necessary excavation work in the field, leaving the hole required, typically have a perimeter built in concrete and placed on a layer of sand, you need to do the preparatory work for plumbing. The fiberglass pools are easy to maintain and have long life.

Vinyl Lined Pools
Compared to other pools, vinyl liner pools are generally more affordable, easy to maintain and available in a variety of colors and designs. Excavation is required, although the assembly of the structure is in place as the ground pools and then vinyl siding makes a structural wall.

Gunite pool
The gunite, or Shotcrete is a type of reinforced concrete is tough and adapts to many shapes. To build a gunite swimming pool, an excavation should be done, place the plumbing and install a structure around the excavation of reinforced steel, after making previous works projects the mortar, it is simply a mixture of cement and water sprayed at great pressure on the structure, allows for many different finishes, shapes and colors as well. They offer great durability and strength.

Concrete Pools:
Pool is built in the traditional manner, the walls are made of poured concrete way of retaining walls, are more expensive, offer long-term geometric shapes are traditional.

Masonry block pools.
It is a conventional pool which is dug and then built with concrete block masonry walls all and then gives a finish, require much work, are lasting.

Most swimming pools found in the North coast of the Dominican Republic ( Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata ) are the concrete type, though some houses in Puerto Plata have used above ground ones ( as seen in listing http://www.goldenkeymanagement.com/spc0813.htm ). Most villas in Cofresi, Costambar, Cabrera and Rio San Juan are built facing the ocean, in order to take advantage of the dramatic vistas.