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The Twenty Seven Pools Damajagua River! perched in the rolling hills of the Northern mountain range of the Dominican Republic and back of the sugar cane stalks, this is a natural treasure that you will not find on any other part of this world. Mother Nature has produced twenty-seven beautiful pools, carved by the limestone, ready for fun.

Come and discover the best kept secret of the Dominican Republic. Imbert is located in the municipality of Puerto Plata, the famous "27 Pools of Damajagua" attracts countless national and international tourists,  interested in repeat visits or one of the natural wonders of this country in its most pristine setting.

Tourists coming from Sosua, Cabarete, Cofresi and Puerto Plata and sometimes as far as Bavaro and Punta cana might visit Damajagua, as there`s no other place in the Caribbean where such a natural adventure can be found. Tours can be arranged through local tour agencies or directly via the facebook page.


    tourists jump to one of the pools or charcos at Damajagua falls in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.  










tourists seeking thrill of jumping into the water at Damajagua jump shot of a visitor at the 27 falls group of local visitors to Damajagua
Tourists jumping off the falls Jump shot into the second hole visitors gather near a water hole

Rio Rancho Damajagua
"The word is derived from a Taino word. The origin of the name of the river and its pools are due to Damajagua, trees growing on the bank. This plant keeps the river with plenty of water for a long time and can be found especially from the pool number twelve on, "said Jose Antonio Diaz Lopez, head of the Association of Tourist Guides" Dajaos of Damajagua "(AGRD).

Damajagua River is the result of a confluence of numerous waterfalls and springs that are born in the mountain tops of the municipalities of Altamira and Imbert Puerto Plata. The place is a true example of ecotourism and sustainable tourism, since everything there is to offer visitors is related to the native and the natural. This is one of the best natural attractions of the North Coast, one of the wonders of Puerto Plata.

Risks between beautiful and attractive waterfalls
For the adventurous journey to the waterfall and to be able to reach number twenty-seven, the first thing you need is enthusiasm. Upon arrival at the ranch, buying the package will define our time preference, price, travel guides and protective equipment that will serve to avoid any inconvenience during the tour and, most importantly, comfortable clothes for walking and especially bathing suits.


Site Facilities
One of the best details about this natural attraction is the level of organization and excellent facilities for visitors. The location includes a typical ranch with a lobby to welcome visitors, gift shop, cigar shop, crafts and bathrooms; also there's tiki huts where we find a bar, buffet restaurant and the area where life jackets and helmets are required to start the tour.

gear hut at the facilities of the falls site protective helmets for visitors the Damajagua bar is the perfect spot apres the tour parking is available
Gear hut at the entrance Protective Helmets Damajagua Bar Parking and entrance

The distances and hours to reach Imbert depend on where we are, because from Santo Domingo it takes 3:30 to 4:00 hours to get to Imbert, 40 minutes from Santiago, and about 20-30 minutes from Puerto Plata and Sosua.

According to Jose Antonio Diaz, depending on how many pools you want to reach, determines the hours and price of the tour. "From the first waterfall to the seventh the price is about eight dollars for international tourists and RD $200.00 per tourist national or local, a second stage starts from the 12th waterfall with RD$230.00 Dominicans and RD$310.00 pesos foreigners and to reach the 27th pool the rates are $290.00 /  RD$490.00 pesos Dominicans and foreigners. "

"There is no maximum number of people for the tour, what we do is that for every four people have a guide and buy a package that included the guides and safety equipment. There are many people who believe it is dangerous place and is quite the opposite because we guarantee our qualified staff and safety equipment. No risk at this place because there is so much security, "explains the manager.

Since we arrived in Rancho Damajagua we find a number of attractions: a wonderful tour of the waterfalls and the most beautiful falls in the area, preferential treatment and special tour guides, gift shops or take a souvenir and a taste of the native food after returning from tour. Also local food to our taste to refuel that we can order before starting the trek. During the Easter holiday tours only take place until Thursday, but year round you can visit this natural monument.

Association of Damajagua Dajaos
The River Guide Association Damajagua "Dajaos of Damajagua" (AGRD) is a true example of organization and responsibility for ecotourism. Is covered by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, which have jointly adopted a set of rules for the natural and ecological reserves.






What to Bring
Closed shoes that can get wet.
Water chamber.
Lycra, if you have it.
What Not to Bring
Anything that's not waterproof.
Loose Jewelry.
Health related sensitive equipment.

Golden Treasures does not recommend this tour for children under 18, non-swimming or
non-physically fit adults. Also anybody during heavy rain months due to extreme conditions. Helmet or life vest will not ensure life if conditions are as described above.

  • General Rules:
    These rules were established by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to provide each visitor safety and conservation of a natural monument. Please keep the following guidelines in mind during your visit:

    It is imperative to be accompanied by a guide.

    Listen every time the guide's instructions.

    It is advisable to wear shoes.

    You must carry vest and helmet for climbing waterfalls.

    Always stay on the path, not separate from the road or the group.

    This is a protected area and therefore a national natural treasure. Please protect it.

    Fishing is not allowed.

    It is forbidden to write and scribble on rocks, leaves, trees, plants and other elements of the protected area.