Golden Treasures Fractional Villas & Condos Ownership Program

Have you ever dreamed of owning a luxury villa or condo without having to invest the full cost of it? with our fractional villas ownership program you can share the cost of owning a Caribbean villa among several people, saving you both on costs and maintenance. Fractional ownership allows middle income individuals to own a slice of the pie and avoid the high costs of having to invest high amounts of money for something they will use a few times a year. The majority of the costs are covered by the other owners, allowing you to enjoy your vacation house like never before.

Golden Treasures Fractional Villa Ownership allows anyone to own a piece of a luxury vacation villa, and unlike a timeshare, this property gains value with time, belongs to you and covers part of the maintenance with the rental when not in use by the fractional owners. this is the most rewarding and cost effective way to own your dream vacation house.

Many of the vacation properties we offer come equipped and already furnished with top class furniture and accessories, so there’s absolutely no need to invest in decoration or new furniture, meaning the property is ready to be used. Property owners rotate their usage of the villa every week forever, with each owner receiving a guaranteed right to use the property every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the respective number of co-owners.

With our specialized reservation system, any owner can use the property anytime they desire. If two or more owners want to use the villa at the same time, then the priority reservation system determines which owner has the highest priority for that specific week. Owners can swap weeks to best fit their schedules to use the villa or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.

Golden Treasures Fractional Villas Ownership® takes care of all the details, starting with a complete legal document package, creating the Home Owners’ Association and Rules & Regulations on the close of escrow. We also manage the operations of the villas, providing efficient property management, reservation services, concierge assistance, money exchange services, full property maintenance, bill paying and the bookkeeping. With Golden Treasures Fractional Villas Ownership®, you’ll have peace of mind, while enjoying all the benefits of having a luxury Caribbean villa, at a fraction of the cost to you. This makes possible that you enjoy owning more than one property, in different locations for the price of a single purchase.


This 4+ bedrooms beach villa is located in a pristine, quiet area 15 mins away from the center of Cabarete beach, and can be purchased as a fractional divided among 2-4 people. Each fraction cost varies with the number of fractions selected, plus the fractional legal fee. If purchased as a whole, the villa would be valued US$679,000.00 in today`s market.