Sosua Villa Rentals FAQ

Booking a villa rental in Sosua usually requires several questions to make sure you get what you need, know of any restrictions or extra costs. This FAQ will answer some of those questions, though we invite you to contact us and speak with a customer service agent so you can ask any other questions not shown here.

How far are the villas from Sosua Beach?

Most villas are about a 3-5 minute drive distance from Sosua Beach. There are beach villas on the long stretch of beach between Sosua and Cabarete but those are sort of secluded beaches, not the main one ( Sosua Beach ). There is also Alicia Beach, Casa Marina Beach, Imbert Beach and Playa Chiquita. Then places like Perla Marina, Sea Horse Ranch, Hideaway Beach also have secluded beaches for the villas we have for rent in those communities.

Is there security in the villas?

Absolutely yes. The first requisite for us to list a Sosua villa rental is the security.

Is maid service included?

Yes, maid service is included in all the villas. Some exceptions include maid service every other day with option to pay extra for daily non stop cleaning. This usually happens in smaller villas, as the larger ones usually include daily maid service. Please call or email us to get a list of those that include the service daily.

Cable TV, WiFi and power included?

Yes, Wifi, cable TV and power is included. In some villas there is a limit to power usage, say you overuse it and on check out you need to pay an extra $20-40 due to leaving the A/C on and all lights during the entire stay. Each listing that has power usage limits includes a pdf attachment that explains it. Most larger villas do not have such requirements.

Are the villas guest friendly?

We get this question more often than not, as there are bachelor parties that visit the DR just as they do to Las Vegas in Nevada, USA. Some are, and some are not. We`re serious about specifying which ones and the listing features list will indicate so. If you plan to have bachelors and guests, please call us and we can send you a list of available ones based on number of people, dates and noise tolerance levels. We are fine with guests as long as they`re 18 years old with ID, which is the age requirement by law in DR.

How far is the closest airport?

The closest airport is POP ( Puerto Plata ) and is about a 10 minute drive from Sosua and most villas. In fact, the airport is closer to Sosua than to actual Puerto Plata. The second option is STI in Santiago, about a 1.2 hrs drive.

How far is Cabarete Beach?

Cabarete beach is just 6-7 minutes away by car. Many villas actually sit between Sosua and Cabarete, so the distance can be even shorter. Cabarete has a great water sports lifestyle and also disco and clubbing at night, lot of fun.

Do you offer private Chef service?

Yes, we have private chef service for villas. The chef is optional and works from 8am-6pm (sometimes later when needed).  The menu options can be seen online at

Is there transportation available?

There are several options for transportation: private driver service ( full time ) with 7, 12 and 15 passenger vans. Also on-call taxi service 24hrs and car rental. We recommend the private driver as many people drink while on vacation. We can help arrange the airport transfer, just provide us with the flight details.

Do you offer Concierge services?

Yes, all the rentals we offer include free concierge to arrange tours. The top 5 tours are ATVs, sports fishing, zip lining, snorkeling,  yacht party, and Catamaran tour. There is also golfing, horseback riding, diving, kayaks, stand up paddle board, surfing, laser boating, kite surfing and eco tours.

Do we have to pay the total in advance when booking?

Contrary to other booking sites, most villas we work with require 30-50% to book, depending on the chosen property.

Can we host a wedding in the villas?

There are villas that can be used for weddings, with certain limitations on the number of guests. Please contact us with more details so we can quote available ones.

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