Aerial Photos of Sosua Beaches

Aerial Photos of Sosua Beaches


Aerial photos of Sosua beaches are a great reference to the beauty of the North Coast landscape of the Puerto Plata region. Being one of the most beautiful beaches and an important destination of the North coast of the Dominican Republic,  Sosua  beach has been the mecca of sun seekers since the mid 1980`s when tourism started in Puerto Plata. This golden sand beach combines various hues of blue in its waters, set in an embracing bay that bears its famous name.

Using a camera mounted on a drone, the Golden Treasures photo team has captured some of the most impressive aerial views that welcome visitors flying by on the way to and from the POP airport. Here we share some of those photographs so our visitors can have a better perspective of the area and its gorgeous scenery. The North Coast has many more beach areas along the coast, many facing residential communities between the three main cities/towns of Puerto Plata and beyond. The photos show Sosua Beach, Alicia Beach, Casa Marina and Imbert.

Of all these, the main one is in the bay of Sosua, with same name. This is where most visitors go and where most crowds get together. It does offer huge advantages in terms of shaded areas, shallow waters, many restaurants, bars and beach activities. It is family friendly, easy for parents to watch the kids from the very shores and have food, loungers and drinks delivered right there where you choose to lounge.

Sosua beach condos

 The second in importance is Alicia Beach, less crowded and more favored by resort customers from Casa Marina. It is gorgeous, serene and deeper than most other so it better be someone who can swim, as it slopes rather quickly from shallow to very deep. It also offers loungers and restaurant food/drinks from nearby restaurants Steven`s and Waterfront.  both of which are rated highly for their international menu and great staff.

Sosua beach aerial

A drone view of Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic.

Casa Marina is directly on the resort by the same name, and is almost exclusively used by travelers who stay in the hotel. It is a nice beach, though sometimes swells can drag people towards the deeper side and it takes a good swimmer to negotiate the way back to shore. There is a public access to it, and space to sit by next to the cliff rocks above. There are no restaurants or bar servicing the public, as it is a private resort catering to their registered guests.

Imbert Beach is right next in line, alongside the condo community of Hispaniola, Paradise Condos and the Ocean Club condos. This beach was totally wiped out by a storm and has made a miraculous comeback, now in a different way because a jetty was built to protect the sand from being eroded again. Sosua By the Sea resort used to have the beach right in front of them, now the new structure keeps it within a limit and the resort guests have to use Alicia beach instead.


Playa Chiquita is located further to the East side of Sosua, and it is as small as the name implies. Great for pictures, it is not a shallow beach and is only advised for good swimmers. It is basically open ocean with a small sandy beach. There is no services or security in that area, except for private one from villas next to it. Other beaches worth mentioning are the ones in Playa Laguna, Sea Horse Ranch and Perla Marina. Those are mostly used by guests/owners of private properties in those communities, and are very pristine and harder to get to if you need to walk along the coast to just get there.

This article was originally posted in 2014, now updated with new images we shot over the past few years. Images courtesy of Edward Rivas / Golden Treasures. More images are available at the Sosua Beach website:


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