Sosua Villas

Sosua villas


( update )Sosua villas have become now the preferred escape option to resorts, due to the Corona Virus. Villas in Sosua are quickly becoming a mainstream product that once was only required by special travelers which were used to private   rentals , mostly well heeled local and foreigners, dignataries and corporate businessmen.

Nowadays, demand for   rentals  and real estate listings  in  have increased, specially in the affordable levels due to the worldwide economic changes with the corona virus protocols. While there`s a defined market for luxury  rentals  in the  Dominican   Republic , now the private  villa  vacation is quickly becoming more common among tourists that were all about the all-inclusive beach resorts.

A new market emerges

Sosua beach condos

A high percentage of tourists coming to   Sosua   are staying in self catering  rentals  instead of the usual hotels. Back in the 1980`s and 90`s   Sosua   had a lot of hotels, about 70% of those are now closed. It is believed that most of the North coast of the  Dominican   Republic  is slowly being transformed into a luxury residential area as more and more hotels are being sold as condos and tourists coming as condo and   self catering tourists ( many as owners of second homes in the area ).


Villas in Sea Horse Ranch are among the top luxury properties for rent and sale in the North Coast of the island, with prices that average US$1,000 per night and higher. El Choco used to be a high end  rental  community that slowly was moving away from  rentals  because neighbors complained of noisy renters and most  rentals  are now sold and out of the market. Perla Marina still has some nice properties, though most are mid-level to affordable, not the top luxury ones.

In El Batey there`s a few  villas  for rent worth looking at, specially in Playa Chiquita where Marisol and Los Sueños are prime stock and frequently rented for their amazing ocean views and excellent interiors.  Panorama village offer some very nice ones , though most people prefer to stay closer to town ( the project takes a 25 min. ride through forest areas ).

The most rented communities

Hispaniola Residential has some of the nicest small  villas  for rent, and keep a good level of service. Casa Linda has also many small   ones  , now growing in demand due to the introduction of  the    Ultima model, by far the best mid-priced luxury   property    in    Sosua  . With its 4 bedroom in wraparound style and unique configuration, it`s a winner  villa  that always stays booked, ensuring investors a 5% return yearly on  rental  income, and available as a fractional ownership .

Villa Kitchen

Now in phase 6th, the project is rapidly expanding with new   models such as  the    Bonita,    Tranquila, Melody, Shana, and Camara among others that we`ll see listed with Golden Treasures Vacation  Rentals  soon as they become available. Its new owner Eric Sandmael -from Norway- has brought new life to the project with many new creative ideas that have surprised and caught the attention of the local and international market.

The Hidden Treasures

Beach and ocean front properties cost more in the  Dominican   Republic , although some great deals can be had if the  rental  agent does his homework. One of the best  rentals  that most people don`t know about is  the    villa   SPC0659 which is within walking distance to a secluded private beach and a restaurant in one of the nicest gated communities between   Sosua   and Cabarete.

This luxury Caribbean  villa  can be rented with 1-4 bedrooms, and the price range varies accordingly. Usually travelers would pay $900 per night even if they only used one bedroom, and now the price stays below US$400.00 which is less than 50% of the usual  rental  rate. This hidden treasure was the plan B for a client that changed his mind on a previous selection upon arrival, because the  standard was not meeting his expectations and the agency quickly worked to get him spc0659 as the replacement and it turned out to be a blessed decision.

Villa lounge

This  villa  is very high end in style and decoration, not to mention the high standard location and proximity to the beach. Some standalone  units    in    Sosua   have also been good players in the market for several years now, including   the ones   in Playa Laguna, next door to Sea Horse Ranch, and also the ones in Hideaway beach ( still with a lot of beach lots waiting to be developed ). Closer to town there are   homes   for rent in   Sosua   Ocean Village, though the project is more about condos with ocean view. New  rentals  will soon be added to   Sosua   with the Hispaniola beach and Infinity Blu units ( condos ).

It`s clear that renting   villas    in    Sosua   allows for more privacy, security and convenience, specially when having a private swimming pool and you control the food, drinks and noise levels. Private chef services are also in high demand among   renters, because the self catering industry is all about good home cooking and many luxury  renters  add chef service. Spa services and Eco tours are also part of the travel  menu, offered by third parties. One important aspect of  the   rental   experience  is the constant support by management or even better, a concierge service.

Golden Treasures Vacation  Sosua villas for rent  published a satisfaction survey of the best performing   properties of 2014, which revealed the top rated   ones   in   Sosua . Stay tuned and come back for more information, this article will also be updated with more on Puerto Plata and its best villas.


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