Top Six Tours When Traveling To Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Top Six Tours When Traveling To Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

THE TOP SIX: Top Six Tours When Traveling To Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic offers a wide selection of activities and tours for visitors, and this is the reason why more than 2.7 million visitors visit the island each year. Some of the tours are water sports, such as sailing, fishing, diving, kite surfing, jet skis and even paddle surfing. Other tours are geared towards eco friendly activities such as trekking, dirt buggies, mountain climbing, cave exploration and zip lining. Most of these tours are found in the North coast of the island, in the regions of Puerto Plata and Cabrera, that includes Sosua and Cabarete.

Our top ten list starts at number 1Fishing in Puerto Plata. Fishing is done in every coastal town of the Dominican Republic, east, south or North. Some say that the best fishing areas are around Puerto Plata, because of the Atlantic Ocean.

fishing species

The variety of fishing game in the area also influences its good ratings: Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Yellow Fin Tuna, Red Snapper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Grouper, Tarpon, Bone Fish, and Permit are available all year round. December until April is the main season for Dorado and Wahoo.

Sosua beach condos

November to January is the prime time for Sailfish. Blue Marlin and Sailfish are available from October until February. Boats depart from Playa Dorada, Sosua and the Ocean World Marina in Cofresi. Julie II is a famous fishing boat we recommend, now replaced with The Vikings model First Catch, docked in Sosua beach. Angels is also available at our Sosua yacht rental page.

Number 2 in our top ten is zip lining, which draws people from both local and international cities. There`s 2 major zip lines in the area, one is Yasika Adventures and the other one is the Monkey Jungle in Sosua. Yasika is located in the tourist highway that connects Sosua and Santiago, and is highly recommended. The Monkey Jungle now offers one week lodging in a very exotic setting of lush natural surroundings, and lots of monkeys.


Yasika is a favorite for ecotourists in DR

Our number 3 requires a PADI certification, because diving in Sosua is a serious business. There`s a large variety of walls, rocks and caves to explore, such as the Three Rocks, which are three giant coral heads that span for 45 meters (150 ft.), hosting an incredible mix of tropical fish and plant life. Paradise Reef offers beginners a chance to explore the inner ocean at a maximum depth of 12 m/ 40 ft. along a colorful reef wall.

The Canyon (max. depth 18 m/ 60 ft.) is a reef wall that has split, forming an underwater avenue ideal for a relaxed, colorful cruise. The wall begins at 4 m/12 ft and is full of spectacular sponge life. A lot of other spots such as La Puntilla, Airport Wall, Pyramids and the airport wall are also of great interest to new divers and certified ones. Northern Coast Diving is one of the top providers of diving in the Sosua area.

sosua diving

Species such as eels, banded and blue fish are common in Sosua.

Number 4 in the list requires a life vest and a good camera with telephoto lens, so you can catch close ups of the whales in Samana. These large cetaceans visit the island each year in March, to breed and give birth to their offspring in warmer waters. Many travel agencies offer all-inclusive trips for those who want a close look at the big humpback ( Megaptera novaengliae ), and to their delight the whales play, sing and jump allowing tourists to snap pictures and film videos. Three of the tour operators that offer whale watching tours in Samana are Whale Samana and Colonial Tours.


Humpback whales visit the Dominican Republic each year.

Our number 5 goes to Ocean World, the marine park in Cofresi that has become a sensation since its opening in March 2004. Centrally located in the Caribbean on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, just three miles west of Puerto Plata, Ocean World Adventure Park Marina & Casino is an extraordinary entertainment complex dedicated to offering visitors a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world. Guests of Ocean World Adventure Park have the opportunity to touch, pet and feed dolphins, sea lions, sharks, stingrays, exotic tropical birds, meet tigers, walk through a tropical rain forest and much more.

Ocean World Cofresi

Ocean World is a top attraction in Cofresi.

The top 6 tour in the North coast brings the visitor to an adventurous land of back roads, farms, river crossings and much more. It`s called the Outback Adventures. Oversized trucks fitted with seats and protective metal frames carry visitors to see native Dominicans in the country side, cooking, farming, and sharing daily life. The outback safari offers a Visit a typical Dominican home, meet the family that lives there & enjoy a drink of freshly made coffee with them. Beverages, food and cultural guidance is provided throughout the tours, a very enriching experience.


Outback adventures is a must do experience when in Puerto Plata.

Other tours in the North Coast worth visiting are the Damajagua falls, caves of El Choco, the kite surfing and board surfing beach in Cabarete, and ever present golf courses in Playa Grande and Playa Dorada Golf. Horseback riding in the beach is a must to some, so don`t miss it. Villa rental clients in Sosua or Cabarete can call Golden Treasures Concierge Services and get more information and booking services.



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