Top Ten Sosua Villa Rentals – Local vs. Global Agents

6 bedroom rental in Sosua

The Top Ten Sosua Villa Rentals was written as an analysis of the ever-growing rental market in Sosua, one of the main destinations for self catering properties in the Dominican Republic. Renting a villa in Sosua now seems to have become a more complex task, since there are far more websites offering a wider range of choices. The old adage of “simpler is better” might well apply to make it easier, but some considerations are to be taken to successfully  find the appropriate villa that suits the travelers needs.

In the villa rental market, there are two types of providers, the local and the global. A local provider is usually a management or rental agency that has a presence in the country, with offices and staff in the destination where the villas are located.

A global provider is a website that lists villas but has no presence in the destination; neither has physical verification of the properties being offered, or the advantages of management companies that actually know the condition of the rentals on a day to day basis. Some global providers offer the option of holding payment to owners until the renter arrives and verifies the property, which adds a layer of security to the renter but even so nobody wants a bad surprise or arrival date even if unpaid.

Sosua beach condos

7 Bedroom Luxury Rental in Sosua DR

The advantages are clear when renting a property from local management or  rental agencies, there is more guarantee that the agent knows the area well, the property record on a daily or weekly basis and is closer to the staff and surroundings. A well experienced local agent knows which villa is more fit to provide the renter with a pleasant experience, based on the renter`s need:

  • Family Vacation: places and amenities for children according to age group, beach condition, bedding, location. Some areas are not 100% family friendly, imagine a family complaining each night because they rented next to an adult party house or too close to areas not fit for kids. A good agent will have a list of family friendly villas at hand and present them accordingly.
  •  Destination Weddings:  Not all villas are available for weddings, and those that are have their own rules -some require extra fees or days to set up and dismantle any truss or decoration set ups. For small weddings, most villas can deliver, but some can be magical if the location is right, and might be restriction free so the party can last longer.
  • Bachelor Parties: Being very demanding in terms of noise level, freedom of guests and utmost privacy, most bachelor party villas in Sosua are well known by local agents, and also the ones that are to be avoided due to past complaints. There`s a guide on Sosua bachelor party villas in the travel site guide.
  • Corporate Retreats: Few villas can really be considered fit to hold a corporate retreat, because it requires a higher level of services, usually at the VIP concierge level.  Those villas that can be used for corporate retreats are normally at the luxury level, with very spacious areas and access to fast internet, convention center facilities and well trained staff. Golden Treasures has the most selected list of luxury villas with access to corporate level facilities.

Updated List ( 2020 ) of the top 10 villa rentals in Sosua:

  1.  14- Bedroom Sosua Party Villa
  2. 10-Bedroom Luxury Sosua Mansion
  3. 12-Bedroom Ocean Front Rental
  4. 14-Bedroom Beach Villa Rental
  5. 7-Bedroom Luxury Rental Sosua
  6. 7-Suite Oceanfront Sosua Villa
  7. 10-Bedroom Deluxe Sosua Villa
  8. 8-Bedroom Oceanfront Rental Villa
  9. Private Beachfront Villa Rental 
  10. 9-Bedroom Sosua Compound Rental

Our top ten list of villa rentals include listings that are relatively new, built over solid experience gained with older properties that have been renting for over a decade, and provided a map on users preferences; villas known over the years to be top renters and are kept like new by its owners, replacing appliances and redoing decor. Sosua has slowly become the top villa rental destination of the Dominican Republic, surpassing places like La Romana and Punta Cana, which started the tradition back in the early 1980`s.

Other advantages of choosing a local agent is the commitment to quality, depicting each rental in its truest form with high resolution photos of all the areas in HD wide angle format; even better if the listing has a HD video, that can provide support to the pictures and avoid any doubt due to photoshop usage today. All the listings in the top ten have video produced by Golden Treasures.

There are many other villas similar to the top ten, all around Sosua and listed at the Golden Treasures website. The list is useful to save time and narrow down the options to specific renter`s needs but the agent can add more options once he/she knows more about the trip. There is a good article with travel resources for Sosua visitors in this blog. Also there`s a page on Sosua Beach with a lot of information, photos and video.


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