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Abinader in Sosua

Changes in Sosua Beach and Nightlife

  Changes in Sosua beach and nightlife are expected in the coming weeks, specially after the recent visit by Dominican Republic president Luis Abinader. Previously, an agreement was signed with actor Vin Diesel to start a resort project in Bergantin...


Sosua Beach on Easter Weekends

  Easter weekend holidays are very busy in Sosua, although on Saturday morning a light rain kept most travelers in their villa rentals until after noon time. Golden Treasures geared up with a Cessna aircraft, DLSR cameras and staff to...

12 bedroom Sosua villa


  Sosua bachelor party villa rentals have gained a lot of traction during the past 10 years. Private villa rentals have gone a long way since its introduction in the Dominican Republic, around the early 1970`s  in Casa De Campo....