Puerto Plata Ocean Weddings

puerto plata catamaran weddings


Puerto Plata Ocean weddings are one of the most beautiful ways to tie the knot in the Caribbean, with the majestic ocean as your witness. The North coast of the Dominican Republic is the richest in terms of natural beauty and landscapes, including several of the best beaches along the private charters path. Celebrating a wedding while sailing along the scenic route is like a dream event for the bride and groom.

Puerto Plata catamaran weddings get a larger area due to the double hull and wider layout of the catamaran yachts. All-inclusive packages feature the full list of amenities that make up a true Caribbean wedding:

  • Ocean venue
  • Cocktails
  • Catering
  • Wedding cake
  • Music DJ or band
  • Wedding decoration
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Documentation
  • Officiant
  • Civil Office fee
  • Planner

Due to the nature of the ocean, ocean weddings must always have a plan B in case the weather in the ocean turns inclement; The best option is to have a secluded beach, and preferably a beach villa where the groom and bride can stay for a few days. Another consideration for having a beach villa is the fact that the best time of day for a Catamaran wedding is the morning, when the ocean is calmer; then use the villa for sunset photos and a cocktail party.

yacht wedding couple

Puerto Plata yacht weddings are now hosted in Catamarans too.

Puerto Plata is growing quickly, specially after the Amber Cove and subsequently Taino Bay cruise ship ports opened the city to the world of cruises. The number of weddings in this North Coast destination is set to grow in the next few years. Destination weddings are a big market in the Caribbean, specially in the Dominican Republic, the most visited island in the region.

Lower prices make the island very attractive, specially when the average wedding in the States or Canada costs around US$28,500.00; and the cost of having a yacht wedding is less than a third of that. To quote Future Market Insights (FMI): The global destination weddings market holds a forecasted share of US$ 22.81 billion in 2022 and is likely to surpass US$ 54.44 billion by 2032, moving ahead with a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period (2022-2032).

The availability of affordable travel options, theme-based weddings, and scenic locations have contributed to the rapid popularity of destination weddings.


The Dominican Republic North coast offers several options for yacht weddings, the main ones being san Felipe de Puerto Plata departing from Playa Dorada beach, Cofresi departing from the Ocean World marina, and Sosua departing from the bay in Sosua Beach. A new development in Bergantin beach will add a new marina, along with a movie studio and resort backed by actor Vin Diesel and DR president Luis Abinader.

On top of that huge investment Sosua beach will be completely remodeled into a more modern and organized attraction. What used to be Caribbean weddings from GT now offers the Puerto Plata Ocean Weddings, a more nautical experience with the option to have a beach villa bundled into the wedding package. The option of staying in an all-inclusive resort is also available when the party is big and many more rooms are needed.

cabarete beach villa

Beach villa rentals can be bundled with a yacht wedding in Puerto Plata.

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