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SUP paddle in La boca Cabarete

Eco Tourism in the Dominican Republic

  Eco Tourism in the Dominican Republic, a growing trend ( updated). The DR protected areas receive an average of 800,000 visitors each year that come to enjoy the beauty and natural scenery including beaches and mountains.  This is fueling a...

Luxury house in Puerto Plata, of mansion proportions

Luxury House in Puerto Plata

Luxury House in Puerto Plata. In the  Dominican   Republic , most people associate mansions and large homes to Sosua, Cabarete or Cabrera, because a lot of luxury villas and homes are built in those towns of the North coast. Puerto...

marina in the Dominican Republic

Investing in the Dominican Republic

  Globalization being a reality inherited in the twentieth century that forced us all to implement historical changes to adapt or lose, it now transcends to the individual that trusted large scale economies that are now in dire financial status...