Changes in Sosua Beach and Nightlife

Abinader in Sosua


Changes in Sosua beach and nightlife are expected in the coming weeks, specially after the recent visit by Dominican Republic president Luis Abinader. Previously, an agreement was signed with actor Vin Diesel to start a resort project in Bergantin Beach, Puerto Plata, that includes a movie studio and Marina.

Other large investments such as the Taino Bay cruise ship port and Amber Cove Port, also pointed towards changes in the area;specifically in Sosua to allow cruise ship passengers to its beaches.

President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, led the signing of the Commitment Agreement for the reorganization of Sosúa Beach, whose initiative seeks to organize the entire environment of the area currently in disarray, with the presence of a large number of booths in disrepair.

Sosua beach condos

Abinader stressed that the government has been characterized by seeking progress in consensus and that it is necessary to develop tourism for the benefit of all sectors involved including the local vendors. He highlighted that the beach vendors benefit from organizing Sosua Beach.

changes in Sosua

President Luis Abinader visited Sosua on August 22nd

The works include the reconstruction of the beach premises, a plaza for vendors, among other works, with a total investment of RD $ 350 million. Tourism Minister David Collado applauded the efforts made by the government of President Abinader for the recovery of tourism in this sector.

The president added that the government is supporting the municipality of Sosúa in the construction of the municipal funeral home, the Los Castillos field and a baseball stadium with a total investment of RD$28 million and the construction of the fire station and the headquarters of the Civil Defense with an investment of RD$33 million.

New Sosua firemen station

The new Sosua Firemen station

Don Andrés Pastoriza, representing the Tavares and Pastoriza Tavares families, donated part of their land for the solution proposed by the government. Pastoriza said that his family has been linked to Sosúa for more than 80 years, which is why they have decided to give up those lands to contribute to the recovery of tourism in that community.

The event was attended by Governor Claritza Rochette, Puerto Plata Senator Ginette Bournigal, Bishop Julio Cesar Corniel, the Mayor of Sosua, Willy Olivences, and other important chiefs of the DR government.

Changes in Sosua beach and nightlife are seen as good by many locals as well, because it will allow far more touristAlthough not mentioned by the president, it is known that Nightlife in Sosua will be reorganized and taken off the town center Pedro Clisante street) as has been planned for years to allow a more general type of tourism and expand development in the area.

Sosua Beach will have a new center boulevard, WiFi, 2 new parking areas and much better infrastructure. The local vendors will join the Senasa premium insurance plan free of charge, and have access to loans at low interest rates if they need.


President Luis Abinader also mentioned that the new circumvent highway over the Cabarete lagoon is being revised to make it more financially viable for the government. The new highway can make travel faster through Cabarete, as part of the North Coast corridor that will connect the region. Recently, the Covid19 has increased demand in individual rental and investment properties in the North Coast, and Sosua villas for sale are now a highly prized investment for many.

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