Overview on location of villas in Sosua and Cabarete

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Overview on location of villas in Sosua and Cabarete, top list. Having a great vacation in the Dominican Republic might involve renting a private  villa  or condo for the conveniences it offers. Most travelers contact us requesting beach  villas  in  Sosua  and while there`s a lot  of   villas  advertised as beach  villas  for rent or sale, the reality is that most of the rental ones are not really on the beach, except for a few ultra luxury properties set on the ocean front or in neighboring residential communities.

Over 95% of the most demanded  villa  rentals in  Sosua  are set on gated communities as seen in the map below showing the main beaches numbered 1 to 6; to keep private  villas  as such, we`ll classify the  villa   locations  from A to J:

 Location  A has the most  villas  below US$300.00 per day, a 20 min. walk or a 3 min. drive in a car, includes free daily shuttle 5 times per day to  Sosua  and Cabarete beach.  Location  B has some small  villas  too, mostly booked up.

Sosua beach condos

The C has the SPC0575 /SPC0576 which is a top rental for groups, within walking distance to town and can offer a total of 7 bedrooms or rented as a 2, 5, 6 or 4 bedroom  villa  ( configured with 2 attached  villas  or 1 ). D has two oceanfront listings: spc0255  and spc0429 which could be available at a deal on low season.

Sosua villas

These are top ocean front villas in Sosua.

map of villas

The location of villas in Sosua

Location  E has some condos and  villas  for rent, best if a rental car is at hand.  F has some of the finest  villa  rentals in  Sosua , starting around US$850.00 per night and much higher for beach front properties. The has luxury beachfront condos for a low deal, starting around US$165.00 per night, code SPC0591 and frequently used for bachelor parties because it`s a private area within walking distance to town and there`s good availability most of the year.

villas located in Sosua

These villas are located in section A of the map in Sosua.

All the  villas  we list are certified to be good as a vacation rental, and testimonials attest our dedication for quality. If we ever face an issue with a  villa  not being up to our standards, we place it in a special list pending re-certification once the issues are corrected. Airport transfers are available for all the rental guests, the current cost is US$30.00 for a van that fits around 10 people.

Other  locations  such as H and G in the map below also offer excellent beach front  villa  rentals, one of them is spc0873 which has 3 bedrooms and located right on the beach. The distance from these two  locations  is about a 6 minute drive to  Sosua `s main center, same for Cabarete beach. Quite easy just to rent a car, there`s drivers available and rates as low as US$34.00 per day.  Location  J in the map has a magnificent mountain view  villa , code spc0661. which has 4 bedrooms and takes just 7 minutes from the center of town to the  villa .

map 2

Most oceanfront villas are located in FH & J.

There are many good deals available, specially with the one bedroom option rental club that applies to some properties that will let you rent one or two bedrooms for a fraction of the price, letting you rent a luxury  villa  and just use what you need. Just make sure you ask the rental agent before if you plan to host a bachelor party, so the proper vacation  villa  is booked, since there`s some properties not fit for parties due to neighbor`s proximity. One of the top Sosua bachelor party villas is the spc1551 because of its very private location and guest friendly atmosphere, virtually zero restrictions for parties.



Sosua villa rentals – Dominican Republic


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