Fractional ownership in the Dominican Republic

fractional villa in Dominican Republic


Fractional ownership, what is projected as the replacement of timeshares due to its main concept that relies on ownership instead of membership, is sparking more and more interest among buyers of  real   estate  properties  in   the   Dominican   Republic . After a few doomed timeshare clubs closed doors- the last being Sun Village- that left many investors wondering how they got into it, more and more people started to seek an alternative that works in a more protected mode. Shared ownership, another term for fractional ownership, was created.

So what is fractional ownership?  Real  ownership and right to use as fractions of time in private  villas , condos or residential-tourism, which are purchased for periods of between one and three months, even longer. Fractional ownership is similar to timeshare, but includes  real  ownership papers rather than membership, aimed at  market  segments of medium to high purchasing power, and offering accommodation in exclusive locations. Is usually divided into three categories: traditional fractional ownership, the high level or HFI (High-end Fractional Interests) and private residence clubs (Private Residence Clubs, PRC) focused on the luxury  market .

fractional villa in Dominican Republic

Fractional villas in DR can be a bargain

The 4 bedroom layout and interiors of  the   villa  ultima offer an open style design with a bar/lounge area, and direct pool access to all bedrooms. The idea originated in the United States due to the high cost of accommodations in Aspen and other ski resorts. Some people have done fractional for a long time, buying  villas  among 2 or more people under a company creation that handles the property as an asset. This villa for sale in Sosua has  contemporary style.

Sosua beach condos

Once you buy a fractional ownership share in a property, it works in the principle of several owners that divide time and fees in a synchronized calendar, also the rental income that the house might generate if it`s also included in a rental pool. If  the   villa  or condo is also available for rental, most or all of the maintenance fees are self generating, saving the owners from these costs.

The advantage of fractional is that all the owners can swap dates as desired, and even rent extra time from each other.The fractional interest vested on the owners entitle them to use and control the property, as opposed to the timeshare clubs.

fractional ownership

Fractional Ownership is a convenient investment structure.

Property management is provided by most developers of fractional  real   estate , and the online calendar shows all rentals and reservations. One of the advantages of the North coast of  the   Dominican   Republic  is that the whole area is quickly being turned into a big residential area made up of luxury  villas  and condos with great ocean and beach views, with less hotels and crowded areas.

Places like Cofresi, Cabrera and Puerto Plata have excellent areas where  villas  and homes can be purchased for retirement or vacation in the island. Golden Treasures  Real   Estate  is one of the first agencies to implement the use of fractional ownership in the North Coast, with the largest number of options.


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