Sosua fishing has always been an exciting tour regarded as one of the top in the list of tour operators, just below golfing, diving, horseback riding and sailing. This because of the natural marine resources of the Dominican Republic`s North Coast, and island between two of the world`s largest oceans – The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. Prized fishing game trophy such as the Atlantic Blue ( and black ) Marlin, Dorado ( Mahi Mahi, or commonly known as dolphin fish ); Barracudas, Yellow Tail Tuna, Wahoo, and bottom fish such as the giant Grouper, to just name a few.

After booking private fishing charters for more than a decade, Golden Treasures teamed up with the top anglers in town to bring a specialized fishing booking system that`s also a magazine – it publishes reviews on gear, tips and everything on fishing in the North Coast. Sosua Fishing is the hub where top anglers and enthusiasts can book their charter and stay informed on current trends, maps, how-to guides, season and fish guide, FAQ and access to lodging ( our villas ) and the events guide.

fishing tours in Sosua by GT

Sosua Fishing by GT is one of the top tours in the North DR

The new guide has a social network presence via Facebook and Twitter, and keeps the audience informed of the latest deals, trips, photos, videos and news on the industry. The tours sail every morning from Sosua Beach, from 8am-12 noon time. A second shift departs from the bay at 1pm and ends at 5pm. Some adventurers might want to do a couple of hours during sunset time, from 5pm-7:30pm but it`s less guaranteed. Top fish is best found early morning or mid afternoon, when school of bait are very active.

The logo for Sosua Fishing depicts a jumping marlin hooked on the line.

The best charters from Sosua will be held in the larger yachts, anything above 45` LOA, be sure to ask for the bigger ones if you are aiming to land big catch. Our guests that spend the night partying should book the afternoon shift, because it will be impossible to wake up at 7 am to get some breakfast and be at port before 8:00am. Contact your  concierge for booking a fishing charter, or just visit the website above and shoot `em a message.

There`s a video on Youtube shot by us, showing a tour where a large Atlantic Blue Marlin was caught off the coast of Sosua:

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