One of the most searched topics in the web among travelers, Sosua Beach now is online with its official website  (it has been on Facebook for a while now); but to have a complete online portal that features the restaurants, bars, tours, artists, gift shops and a Sosua beach marine life biographic encyclopedia, it is even better, much better. Travelers can now see high res photos and videos of the places of interest in the beach, helping them plan ahead. The new website is located at the  web address

The Web Portal Content

sosua beach new logoThe Sosua Beach website also has a videos section, to provide the best videos of the beach online. There is also a Photos section, News, Map, FAQ, History, Art, and the Concierge service; this allows anyone to book tours online even before coming to the beach, quite the advantage to save the time and hassle.

The restaurants and bars listings have a review section at the bottom, so visitors can rate the experience and recommend their favorite ones. One important aspect of the site is the Sosua diving centers section, that lists all the dive shops found in Sosua Beach, with their contact information, social network page and videos. Diving is very specific, so those who are serious about it better speak directly to the diving specialists instead of a concierge.

Cathy and Remy

Cathy and Remy in Sosua Beach

The online portal also features a section for Sosua fishing charters, catamaran parties and other interesting activities that complement the tours section. The history of Sosua is also part of the portal, with historic photos dating back decades, when the beach was a banana and pineapple plantation during the first part of the 18th century. A section called Bar hopping in Sosua Beach brings mixology videos of favorite drinks and cocktails prepared by the bartenders, and other video interviews will be regularly published walking the gift shops, restaurants and tours.

On Video: Mofongo King

Contrary to what is read on the web, Sosua Beach do gets crowded on weekends, but the beach is so extensive ( about a mile long ) that there is always space for those travelers that prefer to have a more quiet area. Even at its peak ( Easter week ) Sosua Beach still has about 35% of the beach like a postcard, wide open to calm & relax ( we have the photos to prove it, for the last 10 years). Many sites state the contrary, which we find unfair.

Week days most of the beach is taken perhaps 40-50%, which means Sosua Beach is not a crowded beach. Best spots: El Batey side, and also the spots around Mofongo King, Rakija, Bar El Capitan, Montanara, and Bandera Dominicana (from my perspective, as there are so many more to add in the article). Golden Treasures is a proud sponsor that also provides concierge services and villa rentals to Sosua Beach visitors.

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