Updated Photos of Sosua Beach

Sosua beach on October 11th was very sunny, despite a few storms raging in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. We had sad news about the Florida panhandle and hoped for the best. Here the beach was quiet in the low season before halloween and Thanksgiving, but the tourists and bar owners were happy and relaxed.

Luis Baez was happy to shoot a video with us in his gift shop, explaining the virtues of mamajuana and the value of amber and larimar; We then stopped by Rakija bar and restaurant, shot a video of their chef cooking kebab, had a  drink with Nenad and later stopped at Tony`s bar for a Daiquiri.

Further down we stopped to say hi to Belkis at Bandera Dominicana and took a quick snap of sitting tourists. Cathy and Remy were eager to let us take a few photos of their restaurant, which is the top French hangout in Sosua Beach. We were exhausted, promised to come back later to this gorgeous beach and its wonderful people. When you rent a villa with us, be sure to stop by these places, you`ll love the food, drinks and nice people.

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