The hot ending summer of 2018 in Sosua Beach was the perfect setting for low season travelers that prefer to enjoy the beach without the crowds, and save top dollars on the special low season deals. We spent Saturday afternoon walking the beach and stopping at a selected number of restaurants, ran a survey among expats and locals and tried some drinks and dishes to determine if quality was consistent with previous visits. There are many good restaurants in Sosua Beach, though we can`t try them all so we relied on our own 15-year experience here judgment, and the survey to rate the top 10.

Special mentions at the end to those that did not make the list but are considered top places for good food in Sosua Beach. Please remember, we by no means will use star rating on a beach restaurant, these are places where you come to chill and get your feet in the sand, and get a taste of Caribbean food; not expect top international cuisine. Some will offer German, Italian, Jamaican and French dishes, because owners are either chefs from those countries, or have specialized staff for that. In any case, most will have a broad seafood menu, as it is customary for a beach restaurant in the Dominican Republic.

Mofongo King

Mofongo King bar in Sosua
Mofongo King has one of the best locations and menu at the beach.
the terrace at Mofongo King
The terrace at Mofongo King

Mofongo King rated the highest in the survey, with excellent location, menu, staff and presentation. One of the very few places where you get top-notch Mofongo in the North Coast, their menu offers quality seafood, pastas, Dominican food and other international dishes. Located at the center of Sosua Beach, between Charamicos and El Batey. Tel. 809-571-2223. The views of the beach from the terrace are fantastic, the bar is well stocked with top international and local drinks.

La Bandera Dominicana

La Bandera Dominicana in Sosua
Bandera Dominicana is the top Dominican food restaurants in Sosua.
Sosua beach Dominican food
At La Bandera you get authentic Dominican Food

Bandera Dominicana is the truly local place to have a taste of a cold Presidente beer while they serve you “Los 3 golpes” ( ask a local about the term, it`ll be fun ).  Stewed or fried chicken, rice and beans sided with fried, mashed plantains and sliced avocados is referred to as the Bandera ( Dominican Flag ).  That or a Sancocho on special days can be a great culinary experience to enter the world of Dominican food. Bandera is located not far from the entrance ( El Batey side ) of Sosua Beach and is world famous among locals and foreign travelers. Rated at #2 because it is an iconic restaurant, food is good and we`ve tried a lot of times. Tel. 809-902-9527.

The Tree House

The tree house restaurant in Sosua
The Tree House offers an excellent Menu and coktails.
The Tree House
The Tree House has a beach view terrace and bar

The Tree House is a very original concept for a Sosua beach restaurant. Funky-themed and elegant, with trained staff and a cocktail bar close to be considered the best. The food menu includes seafood, Mexican and pasta, and their terrace has the awesome views of Sosua Beach with shaded areas and black umbrellas. They`re located at #1121B, tel. 809-571-1383.

Mosha`s Reggae Lounge

Red Snapper in Sosua
The Red Snapper is a favorite in Sosua Beach
The terrace
The terrace at Red Snapper

The Red Snapper is a favorite in Sosua Beach, now with Italian menu and management. As the name implies, it offers seafood, specializes in fish dishes . Their terrace enjoys broader beach vistas than most restaurants because of their location. It`s a perfect place to be with friends, and of course order the red snapper with vegetables.

Cathy & Remy

Cathy & Remy
Cathy & Remy is the best French restaurant in Sosua Beach
The French restaurant
This is considered the Restaurant for French expats

Foodies searching for Swiss French food in Sosua should make a stop at Cathy & Rémy, an authentic French cuisine spot in the heart of the beach. The menu is in French, offering also International dishes. The bar has top shelf drinks and a nice atmosphere to have a drink and conversation.

Leo Banana`s

Leo Banana
Leo Banana is one of the oldest restaurants in Sosua beach.
the beach by Leo Bananas

One of the oldest beach restaurants, Leo`s Banana is still going. This bar restaurant offers a seafood menu that delivers right on the beach and their terrace, also drinks and cocktails. A loyal clientele always visit Leo`s and the kitchen never stops. It is easier to reach by the Charamico side as it is closer to the East side of Sosua Beach. Tel. 809-889-2964

Montanara Restaurant

Montanara in Sosua beach
Montanara is an Italian restaurant of Sosua Beach

Montanara is a beach restaurant with Italian pizzeria. Their menu also lists some German dishes, and includes some great cocktails and cold beer. Piña colada, Coco loco, caipirinha and mojito can be enjoyed while the oven heats a real Italian pizza or the chef heats up the skillet for a Mahi filet. Tel. 829-828-8090.

La Casita Azul

Casita azul in Sosua
La Casita Azul is at the entrance of Sosua Beach.
Jack sparrow in Sosua Beach
We met Captain Jack at Casita Azul on his way to El Capitan Bar.

La Casita Azul ( the blue little house ) is a small bar restaurant located at the very entrance to Sosua Beach. It just opened a few days before this article, offering drinks, cocktails and food. The location is ideal to have a quick drink and feels perfect as a meeting point to wait for friends.  The backdrop of people walking by and busy gift shops is all about life in the beach.

Restaurant Jorge

Jorge Restaurant in Sosua beach
Jorge Restaurant also has a bar.
Beach terrace at Jorge`s
The beach terrace at Jorge`s on a Saturday.

Boasting one of the busiest beach terraces in Sosua Beach, Jorge`s restaurant is now a tradition to many beach foodies when visiting Sosua. The menus is seafood-based, also including chicken in many varieties, some pasta dishes and North American recipes. The views of the beach are impressive, also the fact that the restaurant delivers straight to the chaise lounges by the water.

And the list special mention goes to

Chulo Restaurant Sosua Beach
Chulo Restaurent in Sosua Beach
Tony`s bar and Restaurant
Tony`s bar and Restaurant
El Velero Sosua
Velero Restaurant also has a terrace by the beach.

Even if the top 10 list is enough to choose among the best restaurants in Sosua Beach, there are many others worth mentioning where friends and family can enjoy great food and drinks while in Sosua Beach. Places like Chulo`s, Tony`s, Velero, Rehab, El Tiburon and Red Bar are worth a visit when in Sosua.

Rehab bar and restaurant
Rehab has a skilled bartender, great cocktails.
El Tiburon in Sosua beach
El Tiburon Restaurant and bar in Sosua Beach
Red bar in Sosua
Red Bar in Sosua is on the Charamicos side.
Sosua fishing charters
Sosua Fishing Charters
Sosua catamaran cruise