The last quarter of 2017 was very active in the world of Sosua villa rentals, with several new models introduced by Casa Linda and other communities. Models like the 3 bedroom Mirabella made the headlines, a contemporary design of about 200 m2 that saw many customized versions with stunning finish. A 4-bedroom version made it to the top place of most rented villas the very first month it was introduced:

The 4 bedroom Mirabella villa in Sosua

The Mirabella is a contemporary Villa

Some say that besides the contemporary design and decor, the villa became a favorite because the swimming pool is partially shaded by a mature tree facing it, at least in the afternoon time when the sun is on the West. This is a villa model Golden Treasures offers for sale as pre-construction ( delivery in 5 months ) for $249,600.00 as of January 23rd, 2018 as a 3 bedroom including swimming pool, gardening. This with a lot size of about 600 meters or more.

Another newcomer in the villa rental industry is the Serenity, which was introduced as a 2 bedroom to the market and ended up becoming a 3-bedroom sensation. This villa combines the best of all its predecessors in a smaller package ( that can be enlarged, of course ).

serenity villa, Sosua

The Serenity packs a lot of features in a smaller package.

The Serenity we tested in Sosua boasted excellent decor and finish, including a coral stone deck that is a signature in most deluxe villa rentals of Sosua, and designer chaise lounges, not the basic plastic ones found in many budget rentals. Its interior was impeccable, with granite tops on the kitchen,  a set of red stools on the breakfast nook and cream colored leather sofas, quite nice. The kitchen was generous in size and the bedrooms well proportioned for a villa this size; The swimming pool covered a good area, in relation to the size of the property.

One that preceded the rush of new villas in the market is the Sunseeker, an experimental design that became a final blueprint right after the first models were released, during mid-2017. Some customized models had busy calendars throughout the year; location and tasteful decor sometimes also played a role. The model we loved the most is a hybrid, some might even say it`s not a Sunseeker at all, we`ll say it is, but on steroids:

Sunseeker villa in Sosua

The top Sunseeker villa in Sosua is a 4 bedroom

It has a massive swimming pool surrounded by a much larger deck, facing a green forest area that couldn`t be more convenient for private parties in Sosua, or just relax reading a book while sipping your favorite drink. Such a big, customized model should well cost over US$400k to make, depending on the lot location. Those looking to rent for a bachelor party or small wedding in Sosua will favor this one. The shallow ledge and outdoor Jacuzzi certainly will draw attention of retirement investors and vacation travelers. Caribbean Life at its best.

The list of new villas is far larger than we can public here, from 2 bedroom Sunset, Capri, Verano and Bellas; we always favor the larger ones as they fit more people, and families  or groups of friends want that. A specific listing we liked a lot is this one, shown in video:

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This six-bedroom offers enormous potential as we`ve rented it countless time since its introduction, always combined with neighboring villas for groups visiting Sosua. Its streamlined design, long swimming pool with shallow ledge and overall simplicity of long lines and spacious concept, works just perfect. We think Sosua will see more of this, instead of traditional-looking designs long gone for over a decade. For information on purchasing or renting one of these villas, contact us anytime Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm or call 1-305-677-3555 ( US line, rings in Sosua ).

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